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Sentosa. Recreation and entertainment

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For beach lovers Sentosa -   real paradise. Beaches stretch for   3.2 kilometers along the entire coast of the main island and small adjacent islets. Here you can ride a bike, rollerblades and kayak, do almost any water sport or just pass the time in any of the   bars.

Especially the bars are full on   weekends days since fans beach volleyball are going to the  beach Siloso to play   this great game. Now Sentosa Island very popular due to the fact that very significant for Total Singapore events. Among them, for example, Black Moon Foam parties and Countdown! , Zouk Out dance festival and   a festival dedicated to sandy figures Sentosa Sandsation.

The   island also has good equipped park for minigolfSijori WonderGolf. Here there are obstacles, traps and   slopes for interesting and exciting games.Fantasy Island Water Park will not attract   only children, but   and   many adults. In   this park there are 3 large pools and   32   water slides.

Very interesting entertaining and educationalpark "Vulkanoled". Here children in   form games will introduce you to   prehistoric animals and   ancient civilization Maya, a will also allow you to look into   the very mouth of the volcano and   find out how it arranged.

Very interesting and   peculiar steamer restaurant looking like an old ship of the 19th   century. It was these ships that once went on rivers America.



ParkNature Walk / Dragon Trail. Territory Nature Walk Park is covered in real wild jungle. On   its territory live squirrels, peacocks and   very funny monkeys. With   tops of Imbiach you can inspect surroundings and   even neighboring islands.

Lagoon dolphins and oceanarium"Underwater World". After visiting the dolphin lagoon, you can see unique pink dolphins. A  "Underwater World"   is one of the largest Asian aquariums. He   is a huge tunnel, length whom more than 80   meters. Its walls are made of   special very durable glass. Being inside the tunnel, guests of the aquarium can watch the life of the inhabitants underwater world at   arm's length. For the convenience of visitors, the tunnel floor is made movable. IN oceanarium Sentosa contains about six thousand species of various marine animals, of   which fish in total 350   species.

Butterfly Park. IN A lot of these insects live in Butterfly Park. They are all tropical so have a very bright color. Invisible to viewers grid-limiter allows create the illusion that all butterflies are flying right at   freedom. Feed butterflies are very interesting   - flowers and   fruits are laid out here   same on   specially adapted for this tables. There is an entomological museum at the   entrance to the park. Close to   this park the park is located insects, where very unusual species are collected: rhinoceros beetles, beetles with human faces, stick insects, huge centipedes and   scorpions.

Memorial In memory of the victims II World War. This memorial talks about   that took place on the   island during the   war years. The   excursions show animated exhibits and   wax figures famous in   then   time people.

Statue Merlion. Height statues of the Merlion   - 37   meters. This statue is state symbol Singapore. She looks like an animal with   the tail of a fish and   the head of a lion. Inside there is two observation decks: one at the   very top, and   the other in the   mouth of the statue.

Heavenly tower Carlsberg. The Sky Tower   is the tallest tower in Sentosa, with   which you can see the entire large island and   small islands around. Lifting the cabin accommodates 72   people and   rises to the   top of the tower for   7 minutes.

GardenHaw Par Villa Tiger Balm. This garden   - a favorite place for children, however, and adults he   will not   leave indifferent. Here installed heroes of legends and myths of China. Special devices periodically make the sculptures move.

"Village dynasties Tang". Tang Dynasty Village   is a park imitating chinese village 7 century. Here you can look at   Chinese wedding rites and   acquaintances, see performance and   even the battle of warriors. The fear room is very interesting, underground terracotta army and   museum of wax figures. Not presented here only layouts, but   and   real samples of buildings and   household items brought from excavations from   China itself. In   numerous shops and   shops you can buy yourself a souvenir on   memory of   this amazing place.

Asian village. B The Asian village reconstructed the villages of all peoples living in   Asia. In   each of   them work their souvenir shops and   restaurants, and   national shows are also held

Musical fountains. Musical fountains -   is impressive laser show, especially great in the   evening. Among the flowers and plants there are fountains illuminated by lamps and   lasers. Any representation accompanied by pyrotechnic effects.


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