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Duden Waterfalls in Turkey, Antalya resort

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Duden Waterfalls are one of the most picturesque natural attractions of Antalya. The Duden River forms a group of waterfalls that cascade down the limestone tuff in several cascades.

Not everyone knows that picturesque waterfalls are not only a natural phenomenon, but partly the work of man. Many irrigation canals were dug during the reign of Murat Pasha. The water from them flowed in small molasses directly into the sea along the rocks, so Antalya has long been called the `` city of waterfalls ''. Today the Duden waterfalls are part of the existing karst system.

Panarbashi and Kirkgezler are two large karst springs of Duden. Both of these streams merge into one and drain into the large karst funnel of Biyikli.

The largest waterfalls are named Lower and Upper Duden. Upper Duden rushes down from the cliff into the deep bowl of the lake in two streams. The rocks on which the streams flow have a beautiful emerald hue, which is associated with the moss growing on the stones. Behind the waterfall there is a cave, through which you can walk and admire the streams of water from the inside. In the depths of the cave, there is a strange formation that looks more like a meteorite frozen in petrified outbursts. There is a belief that if you tie a thread around one of the stone horns and make a wish, it will certainly come true.

Convenient observation platforms are organized around the waterfalls, which allow you to get as close to the streams as possible.

The Lower Duden is the end of a river that flows into the Mediterranean Sea from a rocky cliff. The height of the waterfall reaches 50 meters. There is a National Park near the waterfall, which provides benches, cafes, an observation deck and awnings for the convenience of tourists.

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Topic: Duden Waterfalls in Turkey, Antalya resort.Duden Waterfalls in Turkey, Antalya resort

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