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Geography and Climate in Lille

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Lille is the largest city in northern France, once the main French city in the light industry. Now Lille has the status of the cultural center of the northern French region to a greater extent.

According to the last census, 225 thousand people lived in the city, Lille has a fairly large population growth, so these numbers may increase every year. The agglomeration of Lille is huge - in total, with all the suburbs, more than a million people live here, which makes the metropolis the second largest after the Parisian one.

There is no direct flight to Lille between Moscow or St. Petersburg, so guests of the city get here from transfers. The most suitable starting cities in terms of travel time are Paris and Lyon.

Lille is distant from the French capital at a fairly large distance of 220 kilometers. Tourist groups change it on the branded high-speed Parisian trains, the journey takes a little more than 2 hours. The ticket price depends on the season; in summer, the average price tag for a seat even in economy class can triple.

If you choose Lyon as a starting point, the journey will take 3 hours, you can go at any time of day, the train leaves for Lille every two hours.

The climatic conditions in Lille are often compared with those of Great Britain - the oceanic type of climate prevails here. Summers are rather short, but warm, frequent precipitation, rain can last up to three days. It's not too cold in winter but due to the high air humidity, even a minimal cooling is felt quite strongly.

From July to August, it is the height of summer here, the average air temperature in the shade rarely drops below +23 ° С. In winter, the coldest month is January, the average daily temperature in this month is kept at -2 ° С. Despite the clear subzero temperatures, there may be no precipitation in the form of snow even on the coldest days; in Lille this is a very rare occurrence.


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Topic: Geography and Climate in Lille.Geography and Climate in Lille

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