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Geography and Climate of Ephesus

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A city with a rich history Ephesus, which previously belonged to the Greeks and Romans, is now located on the territory of the Turkish Republic. Ephesus is located in the western part of the coast of Asia Minor near the Small Menderes River (formerly Kaistr); it is only 10 km away from the Aegean Sea. The city is part of Izmir silt (district), Selcuk county. Not far from it are the settlements of Selcuk (4 km), Izmir (74 km) and Aydin (51 km). It is 680 km from Ephesus to Istanbul, 615 km to Ankara.

Now there are no residents in the city, in fact it is an open museum. But before, about 200 thousand people lived in Ephesus. An area slightly exceeding 10 square kilometers is available for visiting. This is only 15% of the actual size of the city, the rest of it is buried under swampy soils.

Getting to Ephesus is easy. This can be done using the following route. The nearest airport is in Izmir. From there it is possible to get to Seljuk by train, bus or taxi. The section from Izmir to Selcuk will take about an hour. Minibus taxis go from Seljuk to the museum city, but you can even walk this distance.

For tourists who arrive in Turkey through the Aegean Sea, there is transport from the city of Kusadasi, which is 19 km from Ephesus.

Ephesus time zone: UTC + 2 (UTC + 3 in summer), local time is one hour behind in summer and two hours in winter behind Moscow.


The climate of Ephesus is typical of the area. The city is located in the subtropical Mediterranean area influenced by the Aegean Sea. The weather is characterized by enviable constancy, the air temperature does not have strong changes. Air humidity is almost always the same. Summer in Ephesus is hot and dry days with temperatures around + 24 ... + 30 ° С. At night, the heat subsides, and the thermometer can drop to +15 ° C. On especially hot days, tourists seek refuge in the shadow of numerous columns and ancient buildings. Warm rains fall in Ephesus in winter, the average temperature at this time of the year is about + 10 ° C.


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Topic: Geography and Climate of Ephesus.Geography and Climate of Ephesus

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