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Geography and climate in Are

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Are is an excellent ski resort located in the   northwest of Sweden near the   Norwegian border.

The resort consists of   four resorts villages: Ore Bu, Tegefjell, Ore Bjornen and   Duved, and   five ski areas: Ore Bu, Tegefjell, Ore Bjornen, Redkulle and   Duved. All villages are connected with each other by bus routes.

You can get to the   resort by   train from   Stockholm (650   kilometers), or by domestic flight to   Ostersund, then a transfer to   Ore.

Time zone: GTM +1 (-2 hours to   Moscow).


To   the resort is dominated by a mountainous climate, the average January temperature is -6 ...- 8 ° C. In   summertime, the average temperature in   is +17 ... + 22 ° C.


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Topic: Geography and climate in Are.Geography and climate in Are

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