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Istanbul. Recreation and entertainment

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Istanbul opens up wide tourism opportunities, having a developed resort and tourist infrastructure.

The Princes' Islands are the best for beach holidays, with their secluded sandy beaches that create an atmosphere of peace and carefree.

Excellent shopping opportunities in Istanbul (there are a huge number of all kinds of markets and shops).

For those who prefer active rest, the resort offers a wide range of entertainment for every taste: yachting, jet ski rental, sports grounds, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts.



There are many cultural and historical attractions in Istanbul.  

For example, Galata Tower, visible from almost anywhere in the city. Climbing it, you can admire the opening views of the Bosphorus Bay and the Sea of Marmara.

One of the shrines of the Christian world is St. Sophia Cathedral, built in 537 AD and preserved to our days days all the splendor of the interior design. Here you can see various types of rare marble used to create the wall panels of the temple.

In addition, the Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed Mosque) is of significant historical interest. It began to be erected in 1609, by order of the young sultan. The Blue Mosque is named after its main color of decoration. This unique architectural structure is called by many"the eighth wonder of the world."

While in Istanbul, it is also worth visiting the Dolmabahce Palace, built in the 19th century by Sultan Abdul Majid I, who loved luxury. The palace amazes the imagination of visitors with its interior decoration, in the decoration of which there is a mass of precious and semi-precious metals. Dolmabahce is famous not only for dazzling decorations, it contains various works of art, in particular, a large collection of art canvases.

You can also take a guided boat trip along the picturesque Bosphorus.


Travel Tips

Those wishing to devote time to shopping in Istanbul, it is useful to know that a huge part of shops offering textile and leather products are concentrated in the Laleli area.

The famous Istanbul " Grand Bazaar" (or indoor market) occupies a vast territory and includes many workshops, coffee shops, over 4   000 shops and about 40 trading yards. It is considered a good place to buy quality products made of precious metals and antiques.

In "Egyptian Bazaar" they usually buy various spices, confectionery products (whose assortment is simply huge), coffee, tea, flowers. The bazaar is open from 8 to 19 hours during the working week, on Saturday from 8 to 14 hours.

There is also a specialized market in Istanbul book market"Sahaflar Charshysy". Here you can find rare second-hand books in different languages of the world. Opening hours   this market: from 8 am to 7 pm all week except Sundays.

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