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Highgate Cemetery in the UK, resort of London

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Highgate Cemetery is one of the cemeteries in London. Was opened in 1839. It is part of the"Magnificent Seven" (or"Magic Seven").

The cemetery was built in the 19th century, when the population London expanded significantly, small church cemeteries were overcrowded, there is a risk of decomposition products entering the urban system water supply. Then the municipal authorities decided to create new, large, modern cemeteries around London. The original design of the seven was developed by Stephen Geary, renowned architect and entrepreneur.

Highgate Cemetery is very fast, like the rest of the seven, has become a fashionable burial place, respected and visited.

Victorian culture, the idea of the death of this time influenced the appearance of the cemetery - there are a lot of Gothic graves, monuments and other structures. The cemetery occupies the southern slope of Highgate Hill going down from the summit to Waterlow Park. There are many growing in the cemetery trees, wild flowers that have grown without human assistance, nest here birds, small animals take refuge. To tombs and crypts, Victorian mausoleums   lead twisty thin paths, access to these sites, however, is only allowed for tourist groups. The later created eastern part of the cemetery is available unaccompanied tour guide.

Highgate Cemetery is known for involvement in the legends about vampires, occult past. Buried here is Karl Marx, whose grave was tried blow up in 1970. In addition, the graves of B. Bainbridge, J. Bronowski, E. Wood, D. Galsworthy, parents and younger brother Charles Dickens, A. Litvinenko, G. Moore, W. M. Rossetti, G. Spencer, M. Faraday, G.E. E-Beckett.

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Topic: Highgate Cemetery in the UK, resort of London.Highgate Cemetery in the UK, resort of London

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