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Staglieno Cemetery in Italy, Genoa resort

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The Staglieno Cemetery is a vast cemetery made famous for its monumental sculptures. The cemetery is located in the Staglieno area in the hills. The cemetery is one of the largest in Europe, geographically it occupies 1 km 2.

The cemetery was created during the reign of Napoleon, who in 1804 by his edict banned burial in cities. The project for the creation of the cemetery in 1835 was carried out by the local architect Carlo Barabino. However, he did not have time to realize his idea, dying from the cholera epidemic that was raging in Genoa in those years. After that, Giovanni Battista Rezasco took over the project – student Barabino.

Part of the Staglieno Hill was bought to create the cemetery. Construction work began in 1844 and ended only in 1851. The opening of the cemetery was accompanied by the first four burial ceremonies.

Gradually, the cemetery expanded, and nowadays it includes Protestant, Catholic and Jewish cemeteries. In the central part, you can see the statue of Vera, created by Santo Varni. Next to the statue is the Pantheon, which is an exact replica of the Roman Pantheon. The pantheon is decorated with a Doric portico, flanked by marble statues of the prophets Job and Jeremiah.

Previously, Genoa was one of the main educational centers in the country, therefore it attracted influential bourgeois and reformers.

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Topic: Staglieno Cemetery in Italy, Genoa resort.Staglieno Cemetery in Italy, Genoa resort

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