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Old southern cemetery in Germany, Munich resort

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Old South Cemetery – the historic Munich cemetery, founded by Duke Albrecht V in 1563 as a cemetery for those who died of the plague.

Today the cemetery is used as a city park and museum. Many famous personalities are buried in the cemetery, for example, Georg Simon Ohm.

In 1563, when the plague raged in Europe, church cemeteries were overcrowded, it became necessary to create a new cemetery outside the city wall. By order of Duke Albrecht V, a new cemetery was created, located five hundred meters from the city walls and the Sendling Gate. During the Thirty Years War, the walls of the cemetery were torn down for fears that opponents would use them as fortifications.
Until 1788, the cemetery was intended for burials only of the poor residents of the city. Wealthy people buried the dead inside the city walls. In 1788, with the issuance of a decree prohibiting cemeteries within the city walls, all graves from the city were transferred to the cemetery outside the walls. In this regard, in the period from 1788 to 1868, the cemetery was the only one in the city. In 1844, the cemetery was significantly expanded, Friedrich von Gartner built a new square in the Italian style. Since 1898, the Munich magistrate decided to use the Old South Cemetery in stages. This decision was made in connection with the planning of the construction of new cemeteries. In January 1944, the work of the cemetery was finally stopped and never resumed. After the bombing of the Second World War, only 25  % of the monuments were restored, some of them still show traces of hostilities. There are many famous people buried in the old southern cemetery, for example, Max Emanuel Einmiller, Franz Xaver von Baader, Friedrich von Gartner, Peter von Hess, Johann Joseph Ignaz von Dollinger, Otto Seitz, Franz von Seitz, Johann Alois Senepanefelder, Johann Alois Senepanefelder Leo von Klenze, Ludwig Lange, Maria Chetvertinskaya, Georg Simon Ohm, Karl von Fischer, Moritz von Schwind, Friedrich Ludwig Schkel and many others.  

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Topic: Old southern cemetery in Germany, Munich resort.Old southern cemetery in Germany, Munich resort

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