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Guildford Town Hall in the UK, Guildford Resort

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ImageGuildford Town Hall is an old town hall in the British city of Guildford, which is one of its main attractions. It is located on the main street of the city, in the same place where the first city hall, built in the XIV century, was located. The town hall building that appears today was rebuilt at the end of the 16th century, in light of the upcoming visit of Queen Elizabeth I to Guildford. Then a beautiful stained-glass window appeared, decorated with the royal coat of arms. Later, the image of the coat of arms of Anna of Denmark, wife of King James I, was added to it, and a little later - the coat of arms of the city. At the end of the 17th century, the building was rebuilt again, then the Council Hall appeared on the second floor of the Town Hall - a large hall where the Guildford City Council held meetings. The hall is very beautiful due to the carved wood paneling. Guildford Town Hall houses the insignia and ceremonial supplies used in a variety of ceremonies. The gold chain and the mayor's badge, also made of gold, were made in 1683. The mayor's wife also has a gold badge. Other high-ranking officials of the city are entitled to decals made of silver. In addition, two whole ceremonial wands are kept in the town hall: one made of silver with gilding, made in the 15th century, the second was donated to the city in the 14th century. The mayor of Guildford has a special staff, allegedly donated by Elizabeth I. In the town hall there is also a two-handed sword of the 16th century, which is carried along the streets of the city by processions with the participation of the mayor. In the 17th century, a clock was installed on a cantilever overlooking the street, visible from anywhere in the city's main High Street. ImageImageImage

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Topic: Guildford Town Hall in the UK, Guildford Resort.Guildford Town Hall in the UK, Guildford Resort

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