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St Pancras Station in the UK, resort of London

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St Pancras Station was built in the 60s of the 19th century according to the sketches of the architect William Henry Barlow. The place of its construction was the then poor area north of Westminster - Camden. Over the past century and a half, London has expanded greatly northward, and St. Pancras found itself almost in the geographical center of the city. Now, next to it is another large station - King's Cross, and a couple of blocks to the west is located not inferior in size to Euston Station.

St. Pancras got its name thanks to the nearby St. Pankratia. The front of the station building is the Midland Grand Hotel, whose project belongs to the pencil of the architect George Gilbert Scott, who was a great lover of medieval architecture. The neo-Gothic structure attracts the attention of artists and often becomes the backdrop for filming music videos. It is believed that most of the people entering the lancet gates are tourists attracted by the architectural beauties, and not at all passengers in a hurry to leave London.

The platforms that extend behind the main building are traditionally covered with an oblong glass dome. The addition of such domes has become a common technique of British engineers.

The reconstruction carried out in 2008 allowed St. Pancras to receive trains following the Eurotunnel from France and Belgium, it turned into the final destination of the route, taking over this honorary duty from Waterloo station .

St. Pancras is leading in another rather unusual category: here, behind a transparent wall, the longest bar in Europe stretches along the entire platform. Visitors savoring expensive champagne witness the ever-present spectacle called “the arrival of the train.”

On one of the floors, there is a specially marked “meeting point” for travelers who have lost each other in the bustle of the train station - this is a nine-meter sculpture by Paul Dew, depicting passionately embracing a man and a woman. It is worth noting the amazing life-like and detailing of the figures.

In addition, the station hosts the world's first digital exhibition Station Masters, organized in collaboration with the British National Gallery. Waiting passengers can mark their favorite picture at one of the provided terminals and its"reproduction" will be displayed on a wide plasma screen high on the wall.

After getting out of the station, tourists go to explore the Midland Road with the famous British Library, as well as Euston Road   with the library of St. Pankratia.

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Topic: St Pancras Station in the UK, resort of London.St Pancras Station in the UK, resort of London

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