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Holy Trinity Church in Guildford Resort UK

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ImageHoly Trinity Church is a church in Guildford, UK. It was built on the site of an old medieval church that collapsed in the middle of the 18th century. It is not known exactly when the first church was built on this site; the list of its pastors has been kept since 1304. This fact gives reason to believe that the former church was of Norman construction. In 1740, the old building collapsed. Only the Weston chapel survived, built next to the temple in 1540 as the tomb of Richard Weston. The Weston family and their descendants were adherents of the Catholic faith, they kept their views for a long time, despite the fact that in England it was extremely difficult. The chapel was privately owned until 2005, when Weston's heirs donated it to the Holy Trinity Church. One of the conditions for the transfer of the chapel was the obligatory holding of a Catholic Mass at least once a year. There are very beautiful old gravestones in the chapel. The Church of the Holy Trinity itself is a red brick building of classical proportions. The church is the only large Georgian church in Sureia County. In the 19th century, minor changes were made to the interiors of the church: the central decoration of the temple appeared - an apse with a painting depicting a crucifixion and saints. The church houses the burial place of the Archbishop of Canterbury, founder of the Holy Trinity Hospital, George Abbott. Until the large Guildford Cathedral was built and consecrated in the city, the Church of the Holy Trinity served as the cathedral parish church of the new Guildford Diocese of the Anglican Church created in the early 20th century. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Holy Trinity Church in Guildford Resort UK.Holy Trinity Church in Guildford Resort UK

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