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Guildford Cathedral in the UK, Guildford Resort

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ImageGuildford Cathedral is the cathedral church of the Holy Spirit in Guildford. It was built recently, in the XX century, but in beauty and grandeur it can compete with ancient churches and cathedrals. Diocese of Guildford was formed in 1927, and in 1936 construction began on the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. The construction of the cathedral took quite a long time; the work was suspended for several years due to the Second World War. Another factor delaying construction was lack of funding. There was an active fundraising campaign. Anyone could donate any amount, even the smallest, by buying a brick and writing his name on it. The Holy Trinity Cathedral was consecrated only in 1961. The solemn consecration ceremony was attended by Queen Elizabeth, Duke of Edinburgh, Archbishop of Canterbury. However, by this time the cathedral was not yet finished. It was fully completed in 1966. The architect Eduard Mof, who worked on the design of the cathedral, was able to create a very modern project, in which, nevertheless, classic lines and proportions are visible. Also in the building can be traced and Gothic motives, which are a characteristic feature of most cathedrals in Great Britain. The height of the cathedral tower is 49 meters. There is a bell tower with 12 bells on it. A weather vane in the shape of an angel is installed on the spire of the tower. In 2005, the western facade of the Holy Trinity Cathedral was decorated with statues. In 2008, a small cozy park called"Seeds of Hope" was laid out around the cathedral. ImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Guildford Cathedral in the UK, Guildford Resort.Guildford Cathedral in the UK, Guildford Resort

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