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Guildford Castle in the UK, Guildford Resort

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ImageGuildford Castle is an ancient castle in the city of Guildford, built shortly after the Norman conquest. Some sources claim that the castle was built by the nephews of William the Conqueror. The castle was built on the classic example of Norman architecture - a citadel surrounded by an extensive palisade. Initially, the castle was wooden, at the beginning of the XII century it was rebuilt in stone. The walls of the main tower were three meters wide; the entrance to the tower was located on the second floor. In the event of an attack, it was enough just to raise the stairs - so the tower became impregnable. There were no tower and windows on the ground floor. The tower contained the Great Hall, a chapel, a dressing room, a dressing room, and the king's living quarters. After the 12th century, however, the king moved to a more comfortable building, also located inside the castle walls. Under Henry III, Guildford Castle functioned as a real royal palace. It was also used as a defensive structure, but since the XIV century the castle has lost its significance. At the end of the 19th century, when the anniversary of the reign of Queen Victoria was widely celebrated in Great Britain, the dilapidated walls and towers of Guildford Castle were restored, and the picturesque gardens surrounding the castle were open to the public. Today these gardens are one of the favorite vacation spots for both locals and tourists. Since 2003, the tower houses a tourist center, open from April to September. Historical materials and documents are placed on the information stands of the center. In addition, a model of the castle is exhibited here as it was in 1300. In the garden at the castle there is a sculpture of Alice Through the Looking Glass in memory of the writer Lewis Carroll, who lived on an estate in the vicinity of Guildford. Today the castle is one dilapidated tower, several auxiliary buildings, surrounded by a picturesque park. In addition to exploring the museum, which is located in the tower, you can climb to its roof. Guildford Castle is a significant and valuable historical site.It will be interesting and useful to visit it for every guest of the city. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Guildford Castle in the UK, Guildford Resort.Guildford Castle in the UK, Guildford Resort

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