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Finnish Infantry Museum, Mikkeli Resort

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The Infantry Museum is a museum in the Finnish city of Mikkeli, founded in 1982. Within the walls of the museum there is a rich collection of items belonging to representatives of the infantry, and information about the activities and history of the development of the infantry forces of the Finnish army from the beginning of the 18th century to the present.

The museum is housed in two old barracks buildings. The exhibition area is about 2000 sq. m. A wide variety of exhibits are presented here, including military equipment. There is a stand with 151 photographs of soldiers awarded with medals and Mannerheim Crosses. The exposition of the Infantry Museum tells about the life of soldiers both during military operations and in peacetime, in garrisons or at training grounds. There is also a cafe and a gift shop on the territory of the museum, where you can buy themed postcards and badges.

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Topic: Finnish Infantry Museum, Mikkeli Resort.Finnish Infantry Museum, Mikkeli Resort

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