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ImageFriar Park is a very unusual and slightly eccentric architectural creation. This 120-room Victorian neo-Gothic mansion is located near Hanley on the River Thames. Friar Park was originally the property of Sir Frank Crisp, who was widely described as a very eccentric person. After 1919, this building passed into the possession of the Roman Catholic Church. On the initiative of nuns from the"Don Bosco Salesians" congregation, a village Catholic school was opened here. However, it did not last long. Friar Park in 1970 was acquired by the famous musician and guitarist of the legendary The Beatles, George Harrison. Here he settled with his wife, lived here until his death from cancer in 2001. Through the efforts of Harrison, a large recording studio was organized in the building, the abbreviation FPSHOT (Friar Park Studio, Henley-on-Thames) was listed on the albums recorded here. Harrison himself worked in the studio, as well as other performers, whose producer he was. Even one of Harrison's songs"Crackerbox Palace" is dedicated to this unusual house. The mansion is surrounded by beautiful gardens, which the star owner loved to look after himself together with his brothers, as well as picturesque fountains. Even a sandy miniature replica of the Matterhorn can be seen here, a symbol mocking organized religion. All fans of the group could freely visit Friar Park. But this only lasted until 1980, when The Beatles lead singer John Lennon was killed. After this incident, the territory of the mansion was closed, fenced with barbed wire and equipped with surveillance cameras. However, this did not stop one of the mentally unstable fans from entering the territory in 1999 and stabbing Harrison several times.

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