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All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, UK Resort London

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All England Club lawn tennis and croquet - a prestigious sports facility known throughout world. It is in this club, characterized by strict conservative orders, host the famous Wimbledon tournament - the most honorable of all tournaments Grand Slam.

The Wimbledon Club is located in the suburbs of London with with the same name. The patroness of the sports establishment is herself Queen Elizabeth II. The club did not owe its appearance to tennis, as it is possible would think, and croquet. Precisely as a community lovers of this sport in 1868 and founded the All England Croquet Club. However, after a few years one of the croquet fields was given away for tennis. IN In 1877, the first Wimbledon tournament took place here, and the club received its current naming.

In the 80s croquet was no longer so popular and All English the club changed its specialization to tennis. In this regard, it was decided change the name of the organization, however, traditions turned out to be stronger and the mention of croquet was soon restored.

The club's charter is very conservative. The composition of this sports the organization has 375 main permanent members, 100 temporary members, having access to club courts. Full members of the All England Club lawn tennis and croquet, the right to visit courts, various club services, as well as the privilege of buying tickets for any days of the main tennis tournament - Wimbledon. All England Club Admission Rules As Possible guess they are not very simple. To become an honorary member of the organization, you need at least win the Wimbledon tournament. To obtain the status of a full-fledged a member of the club must enlist the recommendations of four respected members organizations, two of which must have known the applicant for more than three years. After receiving a recommendation, the applicant is placed on a special waiting list.

The Wimbledon Club has excellent technical support. He is in charge of 19 tournament and 16 training grass courts. The main court can accommodate 15 thousand spectators and has a comfortable retractable roof, thanks to which matches are held at any weather.

See All English a lawn tennis and croquet club in all its glory is possible during the Wimbledon tournament. It is held in late June-early July, competitions lasts 2 weeks and ends with final fights.

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Topic: All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, UK Resort London.All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, UK Resort London

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