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Royal Palace Ubud in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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The Ubud Royal Palace, also known as Puri Saren or Ubud Palace, is located in Indonesia, in the heart of Ubud. The architect of the palace is the well-known master G.N. Lempad, according to the project of which, in particular, the famous Pura-Tama-Saraswati temple was built. For half a century, Puri Saren was the residence of the local king, but the most interesting thing is that even now, when Ubud Palace is a popular tourist attraction, some of its rooms are occupied by representatives of the royal family. Of course, access to the residential part of the palace is prohibited, but the close proximity of the descendants of the august persons only inflames the interest of numerous travelers who consider it their indispensable duty to visit the residence.

The most interesting exhibit of Puri-Saren is a unique collection of furniture from the time of colonization. Surprisingly well preserved, ancient stone figures depicting Balinese gods and mythical animals deserve close attention. Another attraction of the palace is its stone gate, dotted with drawings, against which it is customary for tourists to take pictures.

The Ubud Palace is one of the few historical monuments, the state of which is carefully monitored: we can say with confidence that over the past century the palace has remained practically unchanged, and a visit to it creates a complete impression of an unusual and mysterious"good old Indonesia", exactly the way the country was before the European colonization. Every evening in the courtyard of the royal palace of Ubud, traditional dance shows are held, characterized by extraordinary colorfulness and real Indonesian flavor.

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Topic: Royal Palace Ubud in Indonesia, Bali Resort.Royal Palace Ubud in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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