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Peel Castle, UK, Isle of Man

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ImagePeel Castle is a castle in the town of Peel on the Isle of Man, founded in the 11th century by the Norwegians. Peel Castle is located on the small island of St. Patrick, connected to the town of Peel by a dam. Owned by the Isle of Man National Heritage Organization. In summer it is open to the public. Peel Castle was built by the Norwegians in the 11th century, during the reign of King Magnus III the Barefoot. Their first fortifications were made of wood, despite the fact that a stone Celtic monastery had already been built on the island. It is likely that the round tower was originally part of the monastery complex. The loopholes and battlements appeared later. By the beginning of the 14th century, most of the towers and walls were built of the red sandstone that abounded in the area. Later the castle was used by the Church because it housed the Cathedral of Saint Germain. In the 18th century, the castle and cathedral were abandoned. In the 1860s, new fortifications were built in the castle. Today, the buildings inside the castle are mostly destroyed, but the outer walls are preserved. Also in the castle are the ruins of St. Patrick's Church. In 1982-1987. archaeological excavations were carried out, as a result of which a large cemetery and fragments of wooden Viking fortifications were found. The tomb of a 10th century “pagan lady” was also found, in which jewelry and silver coins dating from around 1030 were found. As the legends say, Peel Castle is inhabited by a ghost dog, which is described in Walter Scott's story"Peveril Peak". In addition, the castle is featured on the 10-pound note issued by the Isle of Man Government. ImageImageImage

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Topic: Peel Castle, UK, Isle of Man.Peel Castle, UK, Isle of Man

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