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Friedrichsruh in Germany, Hamburg resort

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Friedrichsru is a small village located 10 kilometers from Hamburg, as well as a popular tourist attraction.

It was here that the prince spent the last years of his life Otto von Bismarck, known throughout history as the 'Iron Chancellor'. In 1871, Bismarck received as a gift from Kaiser Wilhelm the First a castle located at the edge of the Saxenwald forest. Thus, the Kaiser expressed great gratitude to Bismarck for his many merits in the unification of Germany.

After his resignation, the prince moved to the castle, where he lived until his death. Here he was engaged in writing memoirs and journalism.

During the Second World War, the castle was completely destroyed, but was soon replaced by a new building. Visiting the building is strictly prohibited, but tourists can visit the Bismarck Museum, located opposite. In the collection of the museum you can see the personal belongings of the prince – letters, uniforms, orders, etc. Also, pistols, a large number of portraits and a recreated office setting give an idea of the life of the Iron Chancellor.

Next to the museum there is a mausoleum where Bismarck's body rests ... The mausoleum is presented in the form of a small chapel, which houses an altar and benches for sitting. Nearby are two sarcophagi, in which the count and his wife rest. The Bismarck family burials are located in a small square near the mausoleum.

Also noteworthy is the Butterfly Garden, located near the museum. And just a 15-minute walk from Friedrichsru, there is the Railway Museum, where you can see locomotives, railway cars and steam locomotives.


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Topic: Friedrichsruh in Germany, Hamburg resort.Friedrichsruh in Germany, Hamburg resort

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