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Im Village (Plague Village) UK

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ImageThe quiet and picturesque British village of Im is not famous for its stunning sights or great battles. It's just that the inhabitants of this village in the distant 17th century demonstrated tremendous dedication and fortitude. For this they are still remembered, and the village has become a very popular place. Then, in 1665-1666, a terrible epidemic struck a small settlement of Im - the bubonic plague, an infectious and deadly disease (the village even received the second name"Plague Village"). Almost half of its inhabitants died in a year. But instead of fleeing and fleeing, the villagers decided to voluntarily quarantine their village, not letting in or letting out anyone, so as not to spread the disease further. The mastermind in this difficult situation was the local priest William Mompesson, who invented and organized the delivery of food to the quarantine village. To the north of the village, a special place was designated where food was left, and the inhabitants of Ima put money for food in special recesses. This place is now a landmark called"Mompesson's Well", money slots can also be seen nearby. Mompesson also came up with the idea of conducting sermons in the open air, since it was dangerous to be in a confined space. Mompesson survived the epidemic, but his wife died. Now her grave is under a beautifully carved Celtic cross in the church courtyard. In the museum of the village of Im, you can learn in detail about the bubonic plague and its effects on people. Even in the village of Im was built Im-Hall, where the astronomer Thomas Wright carried out his research. His descendants live in the village and collect a collection of furniture, which can also be seen during a tour of Imu. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Im Village (Plague Village) UK.Im Village (Plague Village) UK

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