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Lloyd's of London Building in the UK, Resort London

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Lloyd's of London, or as it is also called London Lloyd, is a modern office building with a legendary history. This futuristic structure was built in 1986 by order of Lloyd's insurance company.

The creation of Lloyd's of London was preceded by a curious story. Edward Lloyd, after whom the insurance company was named, was the owner of the coffee shop. In the 17th century, shipowners and insurers met there to discuss their trade affairs. The demand for insurance services became a prerequisite for the creation of an insurance company. Lloyd's insurance organization appeared in 1688, began to actively develop and after 3 centuries became the leading insurance market in the world. In this company, in the building of Lloyd's of London, meetings of insurance brokers and their clients take place to this day in order to conclude an insurance contract.

There are very famous people among the clients of the Lloyd's insurance market. It was in Lloyd's of London that Tina Turner, Betty Grable and Brooke Shields, the fingers of Keith Richards, the guitarist of the famous TheRolling Stones, the voice of Celine Dion, the life of the famous aviator Steve Fossett, America Ferrer's smile, as well as noses, busts and other prominent parts of the body were insured. celebrities from all over the world.

The Lloyd's building is interesting not only for its history, but also for its outstanding architecture. Built on the site of the ruins of a Roman forum, the building has the shape of a rectangular tower. It was designed by the architect Richard Rogers. The width of the reinforced concrete frame of the tower is 45 meters, the height is 67 meters. In height, the Lloyd's of London building stretches over 14 floors. Polished stainless steel was used during the construction, the building is finished with glass. In general, the Lloyd's building looks very elegant, although due to the fact that its appearance is in sharp contrast to the neighboring historical structures, the construction of the tower caused a lot of controversy.

One of the main attractions of the main hall of the building is the Lutina bell. This bell was taken from the Lutine and was tasked with alerting Lloyd's employees of events. When good news came from the port, for example, about the salvation of the ship, the bell rang twice. He called about bad news once. Now the bell is used only on special dates, for receptions of important guests and on holidays. In these cases, the bell, as usual, rings twice,

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Topic: Lloyd's of London Building in the UK, Resort London.Lloyd's of London Building in the UK, Resort London

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