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Rent a car in Austria

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Travel in any country the most interesting is by car. Such movement gives freedom of action, not to depend on someone in time, to visit places where tourists rarely visit. Austria is a country where hospitable people live, beautiful picturesque nature with delightful mountain landscapes. Driving to Austria with your own car is not entirely convenient and profitable, it is easier to rent a car.

In German, car rental sounds like autovermietung. You can order a car at the office of an international company, on their website or from private car rental companies. To find a better option, you need to compare prices in different places, sometimes brokers have lower prices. If you book a car in advance, you can get a discount. The cost of renting a class C car with insurance is approximately 70 to 90 € per day.

The rental price is influenced by the class of the car and its size. Therefore, if size is not important, it is better to order a budget option. True, in the season itself, budget cars are dismantled first. You can rent a car right at the airport, but it will be more expensive than booking it in advance. Rental prices in Austria are higher than throughout Europe, for example, in Germany.Image

Car rental

In order to rent a car, you need an international driver's license, which was issued at least a year ago. In some agencies, domestic rights are satisfied if the surname and name are written in Latin letters. In addition to the rights, the data of an international credit card must be provided, when renting a luxury car, two credit cards. The driver's age must be over 21 years old, sometimes over 25 years old if an expensive car is rented.

When signing a car rental agreement, you must pay attention to the following types of insurance must be present: Third party liability - civil liability to third parties; Theft Waiver - insurance against theft; Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is a kind of Russian hull insurance. In addition, you need to pay for snow chains, a child seat, a ski rack if you go skiing, and insurance for the co-driver. In addition to insurance, the rental price usually includes unlimited mileage, all necessary fees and taxes. Most often, you should also leave a deposit (freeze on the account).

You can refuel your car at petrol stations 95 and 98 with unleaded petrol and diesel fuel. Leaded gasoline is not permitted to be sold. Gasoline can be transported in cans, but no more than ten liters.

Traffic rules in Austria are basically similar to those in other European countries. Dipped beam should be turned on only at night or when visibility is poor. If there is a child under 12 years old or less than 1.5 meters tall, then the car must be equipped with a child seat. All passengers and driver in the car must wear seat belts. Talking on a mobile phone while driving is prohibited without using a headset.Image


Move to settlements in Austria allowed at a speed not exceeding 50 km / h. Outside the settlement - 100 km / h, on highways - 130 km / h. The minimum speed on the Autobahn is 60 km / h.

The following things must be present in a rented car: warning triangle, first aid kit, reflective vest, winter equipment (if the car is rented in winter). Antiradars are prohibited in Austria. In Austrian cities, you cannot use the horn.

Fines vary from federal state to state. They can be paid in whole or in part to the police officer, while he must issue an official receipt. For the driver, this is a more profitable option than a fine, which will be issued by the court and will be paid later. The amount of the penalty for exceeding depends on who identified the violation: the radar or the traffic policeman. More expensive if the violation was detected by the radar. The presence of 0.49% alcohol is allowed in the blood. If the driver's experience is less than 2 years - 0.1%.

To travel on highways and autobahns, you must purchase a vignette, which is glued to the windshield. You can buy a vignette at gas stations, car clubs, toll booths and"Tabaktrafiken" tobacco kiosks. Vignettes are controlled by officials of the executive service or bodies supervising the collection of ASFINAG duties.

If you need to park a car for a long time, it is better to use the services of Park und Ride (or P + R) parking for 3 € per day, on the streets you will pay more for long-term parking. Parking is free on non-working days. There is free parking, but there is a limited parking time. A rented car is usually equipped with a timer. If there is no timer, you can write the arrival time on a piece of paper with a pen and put it under the windshield. If the time spent in the parking lot is exceeded, a fine will be imposed.

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