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Pyha-Hyakki National Park in Finland

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Pyha-Hyakki National Park is a park in Finland, which is the largest preserved area of virgin forest in the southern part of the country. The park, created in 1956 and expanded in 1982, covers an area of 13 square meters. km.

In Pyha-Hyakki Park you can see the most picturesque centuries-old forests and marshy landscapes of the area. At the beginning of the 20th century, a major forest fire occurred here, traces of which are still visible today.

The ancient forests of the national park serve as an excellent haven for many animals and birds, including representatives of rare species, insects and plants. The largest tree in Pyha-Hyakki was planted in 1518 and continued to grow until 2004. This tree died in a forest fire, but is still not being felled.

Although that half of the area is covered with swamps, through its territory there are two tourist routes - 3 and 6 kilometers long. Also, part of the Central Finland Walking Trail runs through the park. The route includes a tour of the old Poika-aho farm, converted into a museum. Pyha-Hyakki Park has specially equipped cooking zones and a pier on the shore of the beautiful forest lake Kotayarvi, where it is allowed to make fires. Firewood for this is provided free of charge.

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Topic: Pyha-Hyakki National Park in Finland.Pyha-Hyakki National Park in Finland

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