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Interesting facts about Indonesia

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Image There are about 400 active volcanoes in Indonesia

1. More than 580 languages and dialects are spoken in Indonesia.

2. The country is formed by 17,500 islands, of which only 6,000 are inhabited.

3. Indonesia often suffers from earthquakes. The country also hosts more active volcanoes than any other state on earth. Their number reaches 400.

Image Javanese rhino

4. Indonesia is home to animals not found anywhere else in the world. These include, for example, the Javanese rhinoceros. Surprisingly, even nowadays new species of animals and plants continue to be found on the islands, more than 200 of them were discovered in 2010 alone.

5. Indonesia is the world leader in nutmeg production.

6. The summit of one of the volcanoes on the territory of the islands, called Kelimutu, is decorated with three unique lakes, the waters of which change color from turquoise to red and black. This is not due to magic, as it might seem at first glance, but due to the chemical reaction of volcanic gases with minerals.

Image Unique lakes of Kelimutu volcano

7. Local aborigines still resist the penetration of clothing into their culture. For example, on the island of New Guinea, men of some tribes are limited to special penis sheaths.

8. Indonesia has become a place of unique historical finds. The early habitat of ancient people was discovered here, and on the island of Java the remains of Pithecanthropus were dug up, the age of which can reach from 700 thousand to a million years.

9. Many islands in Indonesia do not have their own names.

Image Varane on Komodo Island

10. Indonesia is one of the best spa tourism destinations. Rest in mind and body, for example, at the Tanjung Benoa resort will be remembered for a long time.

11. Indonesia cannot boast of any outstanding architectural monuments or museums, the main attractions of the country are climate and culture.

12. Komodo Island is a natural habitat for monitor lizards - these creatures closely resemble dinosaurs.

16. One of the most interesting inhabitants of Indonesia is Brown Boyga. This snake is able to move between trees located at a distance of more than 2 meters from each other. She does it in the air, thanks to her extremely powerful body.


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