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Maimun Palace in Indonesia, Sumatra Resort

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Maimun Palace is located in Indonesia, on the island of Sumatra in the city of Medan, and is the seat of the local sultan's brother. The palace was built with 1887 to 1891 by the Dutch, allegedly in exchange for the opportunity to grow on the territory of the Sultanate pepper and sell it to European countries. Area Maimuna is about 3000 m 2, the number of rooms - 30. Once upon a time palace, important meetings were held, major deals were made and treaties of paramount importance, today Maymun is just a historical symbol of Medan, and also a popular tourist attraction. Popularity, including including outside Indonesia, Maimun has earned its unusual architecture: the Italian master who designed the building boldly mixed elements of Malay, Islamic, Italian, Indian and even Spanish architecture, which made the palace is one of the most unusual buildings in all of Indonesia. Inner part Maimuna strikes no less: old baroque interiors, carved furniture and portraits of family members of Sultan Makmun Al Rashid - the first owner the palace - cause sincere admiration. Now all the premises of the palace are open only the throne room, all the riches of which can be viewed in 15-20 minutes. An important, especially for tourists, feature of Maimoun is that in front of It is imperative to take off your shoes when entering the Sultan's dwelling.

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Topic: Maimun Palace in Indonesia, Sumatra Resort.Maimun Palace in Indonesia, Sumatra Resort

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