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ImageAnother megalithic structure in the form of a cromlech is called Castlerig. This time the circle is made up of vertical stones and is located in the county of Cumbria near the city of Keswick. The ancient cromlech got its name from the name of the nearby hill. The stones that make up Castlerigue are made from slate, which is abundant in the local soils. They are up to two meters high, and the weight of the heaviest of them is about 16 tons. The circle formed by the stones is not entirely flat, but slightly flattened in shape, its diameter is 29-32 meters. Inside the circle, there is a still close to rectangular figure of ten stones. According to research, this structure was created in the late Neolithic or even early Bronze Age, around 3200 BC. e. This is the oldest cromlech in existence in Britain, and perhaps in all of Europe. According to legend, the number of stones in Castlerig cannot be accurately calculated, each attempt will produce a new result. However, according to official data, there are 40 of them.

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