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St Thomas Church in the UK, Portsmouth Resort

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ImageSt. Thomas Church is a cathedral church dedicated to Thomas (Thomas) Becket in Portsmouth. This church is often called Portsmouth Cathedral. Located in the very center of the old part of the city. In 1180, the founder of the city of Portsmouth, Jean de Gisor, allocated a plot of land for the Augustinian monks. There they were to build a chapel in honor of the great martyr Thomas of Canterbury. The chapel was built, in the XIV century it became a parish church, and in the XX - the city's cathedral. From the original building, only the transept and the altar have survived to this day. The church before us today has a mixed architectural style, which is called"transitional" from Norman to Early English. The Church of Saint Thomas survived the invasion of the French invaders in 1337 when the city suffered extensive damage. In 1449, the bishop was killed by local sailors, for which the townspeople were excommunicated, and the church was closed. In 1591, Queen Elizabeth I performed a prayer service in the church. At the end of the 17th century, the nave and tower were dismantled. A new nave, west tower and chapels are being built. Soon after that, the temple is closed for restoration. The church became cathedral with the establishment of the diocese of Portsmouth in 1927. it is planned to continue the expansion and reconstruction of the temple, but the Second World War interferes with the implementation of the plans. The reconstruction was postponed until 1990. Today, the cathedral, among other things, is notable for 12 bells on a high tower and a beautiful organ inside. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: St Thomas Church in the UK, Portsmouth Resort.St Thomas Church in the UK, Portsmouth Resort

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