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Puijo Tower in Finland, Kuopio Resort

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Puijo Tower is a television tower in the Finnish city of Kuopio, 75 meters high. The tower houses a revolving restaurant with 100 seats and an observation deck. The tower restaurant has been operating since its construction in 1963 and is the first revolving restaurant in Scandinavia. Over the years of its existence, the Puiyo Tower has been visited by more than 5.5 million tourists.

The modern Puijo tower is the third in the same place. The first was built in 1856, the second in 1900. The second tower was dismantled in 1963 after the completion of the third tower, which appears before the eyes of tourists today. On the west side of the tower there are very popular ski jumps. Every year, the World Ski Jumping Cup is held here with the support of the International Ski Federation.

Most of Mount Puijo is a conservation area, but despite this, there are many cycling and skiing routes.

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Topic: Puijo Tower in Finland, Kuopio Resort.Puijo Tower in Finland, Kuopio Resort

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