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Black Mountain Tower description and photos - Australia: Canberra

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Black Mountain Tower description and photos - Australia: Canberra. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Black Mountain Tower.

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The Black Mountain Tower, formerly known as the Telstra Tower, is a telecommunications tower located at the summit of Black Mountain in the Australian capital Canberra. One of the city's most notable landmarks, 195.2 meters high, visitors can enjoy wonderful panoramic views of Canberra and its surroundings from one of three observation decks or from a revolving restaurant.

In April 1970, the Australian Minister of Communications commissioned the Department of Buildings to conduct survey work for a tower on Black Mountain that could provide communications services and serve as a meeting place for residents and visitors to the city. The tower was to replace the radio relay station in Red Hills and the television antenna then existing on Black Mountain. Already at the design stage, heated debates flared up - the public feared that the tower, due to its position on the top of the mountain, would dominate over other aesthetically important objects in Canberra. A lawsuit was even filed with the Australian Supreme Court against the government's decision to build the tower, but the court sided with the state and construction began. On May 15, 1980, Telstra Tower was inaugurated by former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser.

Today, in addition to enterprises providing communication services for the population, the tower has 3 observation decks (1 inside the building and 2 outside), a cafe, gift shop and revolving restaurant "Alto Tower". Canberra's only revolving restaurant turns 360 º in 81 minutes, which allows visitors to enjoy the variety of views from the windows while eating.

Until recently, the Tower Foyer hosted the Making Connections exhibition, dedicated to the history of telecommunications in Australia from the earliest days to the early 21st century. There is also a small video room where you can watch a short film about the design and construction of the tower, filmed immediately after its opening.

The Black Mountain Tower has become one of the main symbols of Canberra and a major tourist attraction - more than 6 million people have visited it! In 1989, the World Federation of Skyscrapers included the tower on its list, placing it next to such famous buildings as the CN Tower in Toronto, the Blackpool Tower in England and the Empire State Building in New York. Today, the Black Mountain Tower is one of the most impressive structures on Canberra's skyline, visible from many parts of the city and its suburbs.

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Topic: Black Mountain Tower description and photos - Australia: Canberra.Black Mountain Tower description and photos - Australia: Canberra

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