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Yorkshire Museum UK, York Resort

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ImageYorkshire Museum - York City Museum, UK. It is located in the Museum Garden, where there are many architectural monuments of the Middle Ages. The York Museum was founded by the Yorkshire Philosophical Society in 1830. Initially, archaeological and geological collections were kept and exhibited there. The building in the Greek classical style for the new museum was built by the famous architect William Wilkins. Today this building is included in the list of state-protected architectural monuments. Today the museum houses four collections, which are constantly being replenished. These collections are dedicated to biology and paleontology, archeology and history, astronomy and geology, and have the status of “selected collections of national and international importance”. Since 2002, this museum, along with the York Art Gallery, the York Castle Museum, and the Museum Garden, has been part of the York Museum Trust and is under its management. From the fall of 2009 until the summer of 2010, the Yorkshire Museum was closed for renovations. More than two million pounds sterling was invested in these works. Three museum sections were also updated:"Eboracum" (telling about the Romans),"York: power and glory" (telling about the Vikings, Angles and the Middle Ages in the history of the city),"Extinct: the road of life" (an exposition about the past of the planet, family oriented). The archaeological collection of the Yorkshire Museum contains about a million artifacts illustrating history from 500,000 years ago to the 20th century. Among them are unique exhibits, such as the Coppergate Helmet, found in 1982, the Ormside Platter, a rare piece of silver art created by Anglo-Saxon craftsmen. In 1992, the museum acquired a collection of jewelry made of gold and rare stones dating back to 1460, found in Middleton at the beginning of the 21st century. After restoration, they were included in the museum's exposition. The collection of paleontology and biology includes about 200,000 exhibits representing the modern flora and fauna of northeastern England, fossils and skeletons of ancient animals that lived on earth 125,000 years ago. The geological collection contains about 112500 minerals and fossils of ancient animals from the Carboniferous and Mesozoic to the Tertiary period. The skeletons of giant carnivorous lizards look especially impressive. The astronomical collection is kept at the Observatory in the Museum Garden. In addition, the museum houses an extensive library. ImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Yorkshire Museum UK, York Resort.Yorkshire Museum UK, York Resort

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