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City of St. George in Great Britain

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ImageSt. George is a city located in Bermuda, but owned by the United Kingdom. Officially, this city was the third settlement of the British in the New World, however, since its population remained more or less constant for a long time, some historians are inclined to consider it the oldest English city in the New World. The entire city, along with the surrounding fortifications of the 17th-20th centuries, are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In 1609, an expedition led by George Somers sailed to Jamestown. Due to a severe storm, one of the ships called the Sea Venture separated from the others and was forced to land on a reef off the coast of Bermuda. Here the ship's crew had to live for a long 10 months, after which they managed to build new ships and head to Virginia. The island was assigned to the Virginia Company. After discovering the complete decline of the colonists in Jamestown, Captain Somers returned to the island and soon died. Since 1612, these territories have already officially belonged to the Virginia Company, and only 60 people founded a settlement here called New London, which was later renamed St. George. For some time it was even the capital of Bermuda. Throughout its history, the city took an active part in the civil and political life of the United States, played an important role in the settlement of the southern states, in the War of Independence, in the American Civil War, etc. Each of the city's harbors is equipped with forts that protect against attacks from the sea ... These are the oldest English defensive structures in the whole New World, there are about 20 of them. The city is notable in particular for the fact that it managed to preserve its old buildings of the 17th-19th centuries. For example, the Old State House, built in 1620. Here was the parliament with the court, and then the Masonic lodge. St. Peter's Church is the oldest surviving Anglican church in the Western Hemisphere. The Bermuda National Trust Museum, the Tucker Family Museum and the replica of the Deliverance ship, on which its first guests once sailed from the island, may be of interest to visit.

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Topic: City of St. George in Great Britain.City of St. George in Great Britain

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