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Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Finland, Helsinki Resort

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Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma is one of the most visited museums in Finland. Included in the Finnish National Gallery along with the Art Athenaeum Museum, Sinebryukhov Art Gallery and Central art archive of Finland.

The Kiasma Museum is located in the central part of Helsinki, on Mannerheiminaukio square, where the monument to Marshal Mannerheim stands. Work the design and construction of the museum building were carried out for forty years. The museum was opened in the spring of 1998. More than 4000 items are stored in the funds contemporary art.

The museum is very popular among the Finns. In Kiasma created a unique atmosphere of freedom, in particular, every visitor to the museum can find something to do, regardless of his profession or age. Can get acquainted with the exposition, go to the museum bookstore, where you can buy souvenir or designer bauble, flip through art books. There is even a cafe with eye-catching bright green chairs where you can have a hearty lunch or just drink coffee. All premises of the museum have free wireless Internet access. In Kiasma, among other things, it is equipped children's room. A very modern space does not inspire such awe and shyness like traditional museums. However, it is no less interesting here, even on the contrary, most of the museum's exhibits can be interacted with. Kiasma Museum - an active multifunctional cultural center, where, in addition to exhibitions, musical, dance, theater and literary events are held; Museum employees are actively involved in educational activities, seminars, lectures and master classes.

There is no permanent exhibition in Kiasma, once a year thematic exhibitions, usually dedicated to current cultural events, politics, world problems. For example, in 2011 there was an exhibition dedicated to the acute topic of African problems, at the beginning of 2012 an exhibition was held, dedicated to music and the exhibition"Camouflage", demonstrating the dialogue of modern art and design. At temporary thematic exhibitions with the museum's collection you can get acquainted only partially, however, the collection of the museum is quite large. It houses, for example, the finest collection of American minimalist artists and almost all the works of the controversial Finnish artist Kalervo Pals.

Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma with its appearance significantly changed the life of not only Helsinki, but the whole country. After it openings in Finland museums of contemporary art began to appear everywhere. In particular, this is the EMMA Museum in Espoo, opened in 2002.

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Topic: Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Finland, Helsinki Resort.Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Finland, Helsinki Resort

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