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Jodrell Bank Observatory in the UK

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ImageThe Jodrell Bank Observatory was originally called the Experimental Station, and then the Newffield Radio Astronomy Laboratory (1966-1999). It is located along with the rather popular tourist center and arboretum of the same name on the territory of the Lower Whitington parish in Cheshire in North-West England. The observatory is part of the Astrophysical Center of the same name, which is under the supervision of the University of Manchester. The observatory building has a rather unusual appearance, it is raised above the ground and rests on an intricate interweaving of winding metal structures. All this forms a spectacular and unusual appearance of the building. It was founded in 1945 by Sir Bernard Lovell, whose purpose was to study cosmic rays, first noticed by scientists on the radar during the Second World War. The main attraction and the greatest value of the Jodrell Bank Observatory is the radio telescope. Lavell, which is one of the world's largest full-turn telescopes. In addition to it, the observatory houses a number of smaller radio telescopes: Mark 2, RT-13 and RT-7. The base of the MERLIN radio interferometer is also located here. At the Jodrell Bank Observatory, meteors, quasars, pulsars, and gravitational lenses are very successfully investigated. It has also been actively tracking the movements of various spacecraft for a long time.

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Topic: Jodrell Bank Observatory in the UK.Jodrell Bank Observatory in the UK

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