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Bluebell Railway in the UK

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ImageBluebell Railway literally means the railway in Proleske. This road is of great historical importance and operates to this day. It was opened for public use in 1960. The road stretches for 14 and a half kilometers along the border between East and West Sussex counties. The decision to build a railway was made in parliament back in 1877. The construction was sponsored by local landowners, including, for example, the Earl of Sheffield (one of the stations is named after him today). In 1878 LB & SCR acquired the rights to operate the road. Then there were 6 stations on the railway line, serving most of the settlements around. Today, due to its old age, the operation of this railway is only partially carried out, from Sheffield Park station to Kingscote station, and service on it is carried out mainly by volunteer movement. For many tourists, driving along this road means immersing yourself in the atmosphere of old England, because real steam locomotives go along it. The collection of such locomotives numbers almost one and a half hundred cars, mainly of the first and second classes. Only the National Railway Museum has more. Deranged wagons are repaired and refurbished in a workshop at Horsted Keynes Station.

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Topic: Bluebell Railway in the UK.Bluebell Railway in the UK

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