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Sapokka Water Park in Finland, Kotka Resort

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Sapokka Water Park is the most environmentally friendly center in Finland, built using exclusively natural materials and equipped with the best lighting. Throughout the history of its existence, this water the park has received the largest number of awards in a wide variety of categories.

Sapokka Park is surrounded by a picturesque bay resembling the form of boots. Tourists assume that the name of the park comes from Russian the word"boot".

In 1990, at the initiative of the city authorities, work began to clear the polluted bay. The work, however, was significantly delayed, which caused an ambiguous reaction among the townspeople: many did not believe in a prosperous Exodus. But after four years, the bulk of the work was completed, and from that Since then, the park has continued to grow beautiful.

The main component of the park is, of course, water. There is quiet ponds with a calm water surface, lively streams and beautiful twenty-meter waterfall. The waterfall, not only pleases the eye and hearing, but also plays important role in the water circulation system in the bay. All this is complemented by a varied vegetation, fragrant in summer and dazzling with bright colors in autumn. Winter here it is no less picturesque: the frozen bay and all nature around is covered the purest snow.

At night, the park is illuminated by 200 special lamps, which turns it into a fantastic fairy forest, where the play of light and shadow creates an atmosphere of mystery. In blue summer nights and snow white winter illumination makes an indelible impression.

The territory of Sapokka Park occupies only a few hectares. Moreover, it is distinguished by an amazing variety of vegetation. On the different soils have different plants, for example, on stony soils on the southern hot slope, rabbit cabbage feels good, and on a soft and lilies, ferns and rhododendrons grow in the moist soil of the northern slope. A park designed so that the plants bloom from early spring to autumn. In addition to natural vegetation, hundreds of different species are planted in the water park garden plants, thousands of types of ornamental plants and bulbous flowers. Natural stones add a certain flavor to the park. On a rock with a waterfall for example, there are"Stone Eagles" created from twenty species of Finnish stone, processed in different ways.

In the water park, locals and even tourists love jogging, playing outdoor games, frolicking with their children, make dates and business meetings. Summer evenings on a special stage small concerts and performances are held.

The park is imbued with an atmosphere of harmony, which is created by a unique combination of water, rock and light.

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Topic: Sapokka Water Park in Finland, Kotka Resort.Sapokka Water Park in Finland, Kotka Resort

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