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Aquapark”Dedeman” in Turkey, Bodrum resort

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Waterpark `` Dedeman '' is the first and largest water park in Turkey. The opening of the water park took place in 1993. Geographically, the water park occupies about 36 thousand m 2. Gradually, a unique complex of pools and artificial lakes with and without islands was created here.

The water park also has water slopes, jacuzzi, beaches and other entertainment. In addition to attractions, a park of decorative and tropical plants was equipped here.

The most popular water attractions are Tarzan. and 'Superkamikaze'.

Each pond is equipped with tents and sun loungers for guests. The central area houses bars, cafes, restaurants, rental and photo service.

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Topic: Aquapark”Dedeman” in Turkey, Bodrum resort.Aquapark”Dedeman” in Turkey, Bodrum resort

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