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Salisbury Cathedral in Great Britain

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ImageSalisbury Cathedral of the Virgin Mary is located in the city of Salisbury in England and is the purest example of English Gothic architectural art. It is distinguished by a great harmony of external appearance and perfect execution of the plan. Unlike many similar cathedrals, it is located not in the central city square, but at some distance from the center, surrounded by a garden. The large empty space around the cathedral still indicates that even in the Iron Age there were earthen fortifications, and later a stone fortress. Under the Saxon kings, the fortress was called Whitenhamot. And so it was, until in the XI century with the arrival of the Normans, William the Conqueror built a castle here with an episcopal cathedral. However, the first building did not last long, it was destroyed by a strong storm. They decided to build the second cathedral outside the castle. According to legend, it was this swampy and low-lying place that was indicated by the builders by the Virgin Mary herself, who appeared in a dream to one of the bishops. The field itself, where the cathedral now stands, was not for nothing called the Field of Mary. However, the construction of a temple far from the castle is most likely due to a military strategy. They did not build a temple for such a monumental building for long, only from 1220 to 1258, that is, 38 years. It was finally completed at the beginning of the XIV century. As a result, the spire of the cathedral, which rises into the sky by as much as 123 meters, is the highest in the entire country. The ancient clockwork of the cathedral clock has been working properly for six and a half centuries. Also, the temple is notable for the fact that there is one of the original copies of the famous"Magna Carta". The cathedral attracts a huge number of tourists both by its unusually harmonious external appearance and by its unique interior decoration: marble columns, bright colors of stained-glass windows, through which sunlight penetrates, whimsically iridescent.

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Topic: Salisbury Cathedral in Great Britain.Salisbury Cathedral in Great Britain

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