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Gloucester Cathedral in Great Britain

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ImageGloucester Cathedral is the main cathedral of the English Diocese of Gloucester. This building, built in a rare perpendicular Gothic style, is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful English cathedrals. Its most famous distinctive features include covered galleries and fan-shaped cloisters. By the way, this is the oldest building with fan vaults that has survived to this day. Another architectural feature of the cathedral can be considered its huge stained glass window, which is so large in size (23.8 meters in height and 11.6 meters in width) that it actually stands out as the eastern wall of the building. This and other stained-glass windows of the cathedral depict pictures of the life of old England: coronations of kings, hunting scenes and even playing golf. In addition, on the territory of the cathedral there are burials of more than one eminent person, for example, King Edward II. Also here rests Robert III Kurtgoz (the eldest son of Wilhelm the Conqueror). As a rule, tombstones are a sculptural image of the buried person himself. On the site of today's Gloucester Cathedral, there was once an abbey that was created by King Osric in 681. The modern building was founded in the 11th century and has been completed and renovated many times since then. The chapter hall and cloisters of the monastery were secularized by Henry VIII. The quadrangular tower towering over the cathedral is 69 meters high. An interesting fact that strongly attracts tourists to Gloucester Cathedral is the fact that it was here that many scenes of the famous saga about the wizard Harry Potter were filmed (for example, the covered galleries of the cathedral became the galleries of Hogwarts Castle). This circumstance only adds magic and mystery to the atmosphere of the cathedral.

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Topic: Gloucester Cathedral in Great Britain.Gloucester Cathedral in Great Britain

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