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Emmauskirche in Austria, Berlin resort

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Emmauskirche – church of the Protestant order, built by the architect August Orth, located on Lauzitzer Platz.

The name given to the church is associated with gospel stories: the mosaic pictures of the portal depict two disciples of Jesus who met and did not recognize their own teachers after his resurrection; they invite Christ to stay with them in Emmaus, as evening comes.

In the second half of the 19th century, the population of Berlin grew rapidly and statesmen, remembering the unifying properties of religion, supported and in every possible way contributed to the construction of new churches in the city. Emmauskirche became a daughter church in relation to the Protestant community of the Church of St. Thomas.

August Orth worked on the Emmauskirche project. It was conceived as a one-nave church in the neo-Romanesque style, made of bricks. A 74-meter tower rises from the central cross-section, designed in the shape of an octagon. The mosaic that adorns the portal was created by Paul Mon. The opening of the church took place in August 1893.

During the Second World War, Emmauskirche was badly damaged: the nave was completely burned down, but the portal and mosaic survived. Soon after the end of the war, the church had to be completely destroyed, due to the threat of collapse. However, already in 1957-1959. Werner von Waltenhausen organized the construction of a new nave, in the 90s. the project ended with the transformation of the interior of the Emmauskirche according to the project of Wolf Eichshtet.

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Topic: Emmauskirche in Austria, Berlin resort.Emmauskirche in Austria, Berlin resort

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