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St. Matthew's Church in Germany, Berlin resort

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Church of St. Matthew – Lutheran Church in the Great Tiergarten.

The area of the park was actively inhabited at the beginning of the 19th century. But the nearest church – Church of the Holy Trinity – was quite far away. Therefore, in the fall of 1843, an association was formed to take up the issue of building a new church. Johann Friedrich von Konen, who headed the association, in January 1844 wrote a petition to King Frederick William IV for the construction of a new church, which was soon granted. The church, designed by August Stuhler, was inaugurated in May 1846.

During the Nazi rule, during the Second World War, many buildings around the church were destroyed, in particular, the pastor's house. The church itself was damaged during the bombing. After the war, the church was reconstructed. Today it is part of the Kulturforum, but services and meetings are still held here.

The church is a three-aisled basilica. Each nave begins with a portal and ends with an apse. The Romanesque churches of Northern Italy were taken as a model by Stuhler. The naves are equal in height and topped with gable roofs. Above the central nave there is a tower that serves as a bell tower.

Today, the church building exhibits some art objects that reveal gospel themes and plots:"The Lord's Meal"; Gisela Brightling, Acts of the Apostles Stained Glass Sigmund Hahn, Head of Christ Gerhard Marx, The Crucifixion Gerhart Schreider, The Face Vadim Sidur.


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Topic: St. Matthew's Church in Germany, Berlin resort.St. Matthew's Church in Germany, Berlin resort

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