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Ranua Zoo in Finland, Ranua resort

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Ranua Zoo is a wildlife park in Finland, located near the city of Rovaniemi. It is the northernmost zoo in the world as it is located just south of the Arctic Circle. The zoo is Lapland's main attraction for family recreation.

The park is home to over sixty species of northern fauna. The route through the park passes in such a way that all birds and animals are consistently encountered in conditions as close as possible to natural ones. This zoo is the only one in Finland where you can see polar bears. In addition to them, brown bears, lynx, wolf, arctic fox, wolverine, elk, fallow deer, reindeer, roe deer, musk oxen, wild boars, beavers, martens and otters, various predatory and domestic birds, snakes and other animals live here.

Ranua Wildlife Park today is one of the few zoos in the world where polar bears breed in captivity; in 2012, a small bear cub, Ranzo, was born to a Venus bear. The zoo provides visitors with a unique opportunity to see the life of polar animals. By the way, the zoo has a hospital for animals.

You can visit the zoo every day, at any time. The change of seasons here is accompanied by the opening of certain entertainments, for example, in the summer, safari excursions are organized here, a large park of pets opens, an equestrian sports complex, and an auto track work. In winter, you can also visit interesting rides: dog and reindeer sleds, snowmobiles, slides, a ski track, the Lapland tent.

Convenient parking is available in front of the zoo. There are restaurants nearby, where you can eat in between excursions. Also nearby is the castle"Mur-Mur", where you can visit the gift shop of Santa Claus, a wine shop, a confectionery shop Fazer.

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Topic: Ranua Zoo in Finland, Ranua resort.Ranua Zoo in Finland, Ranua resort

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