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Royal Pavilion in Brighton UK

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ImageThe Royal Pavilion is a monument of architecture in which the"Indo-Saracenic style" of the 10s of the XIX century is realized. It is located in Brighton, UK. In former times, this building was the seaside residence of the English kings, from the building to the sea, only three city blocks. For the first time, King George IV, who at that time was still the Prince Regent, decided to settle in the Brighton resort. Since 1786, he rented a house here, firstly, to improve his health, and secondly, to date his passion, Mary-Ann Fitzherbert. He later bought land here, on which the first version of the Pavilion in the neoclassical spirit was erected by architects Henry Holland and William Porden. In 1815, the pavilion began to be globally rebuilt by the hands of the architect Johnny Nash, who conceived the idea of giving the building Indo-Saracenic motives. The interior of the resulting pavilion was replete with elements and decor in the Indian and Moorish spirit. This colonial architectural style was quite widespread during the time of King George. True, all this magnificent design with external originality did not differ in high quality of execution, therefore, after a dozen years, it was necessary to overhaul the pavilion roof. After George IV passed away in 1830, the Brighton Pavilion building was used only by King William IV. And his daughter, Queen Victoria, had never been to Brighton at all, and then expressed a desire to destroy the annoying palace. Since 1849, the pavilion, which has become unnecessary to the owners, has been owned by the city of Brighton itself. During World War II, a hospital was located here, and in the 80s, after the restoration of the building, the pavilion opened its doors to visitors. Now it is a museum that also hosts weddings and other celebrations in its halls. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Royal Pavilion in Brighton UK.Royal Pavilion in Brighton UK

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