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Clifton Suspension Bridge, UK, Bristol Resort

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ImageClifton Suspension Bridge is a suspension bridge over the Avon River in Bristol, UK. The bridge was built in 1836-1864. engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. This was his first independent project, which eventually became one of the main attractions not only of the city, but of the whole country. The need to build a bridge over the gorge of the Avon River arose back in the 18th century, but work began only a hundred years later. At first it was planned to build a stone bridge. After the invention of cast iron, architects were able to build suspension bridges, the first of which were the bridges in the Appalachian Mountains in North America, erected in the late 18th century. Brunel worked on the Clifton Bridge for 28 years and was commissioned in 1864. Its total length is 230 meters, including a 190 meter span over the Avon River Gorge. The bridge offers an amazing view of the city's surroundings. Not far from it is the Clifton Observatory, where the camera obscura is located, which is a curved mirror that reflects the image of the surroundings on a special screen, which is located in a special darkened room. Also near the bridge are the famous Bristol Caves, among which the Giant Cave is especially well-known. It is also home to a major tourist center, where you can learn a long and interesting history of the construction of the Clifton Bridge. Clifton Bridge is also notable for the fact that it was on it that the world's first bungee jump (jump from a bridge on a rubber cable) from a height of more than 75 meters was performed. It was performed by athletes from the local extreme sports club. Today the bridge is especially popular with tourists and athletes. However, he also acquired a sad fame, becoming the last refuge of numerous suicides, for which he received the nickname"Suicide Bridge". During public events (for example, the International Balloon Festival), the Clifton Bridge is usually blocked because there is a danger that it will not withstand heavy loads. Now the bridge is fenced off with rather high railings, and warning signs with the phone numbers of the Samaritan society are installed at its supports. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Clifton Suspension Bridge, UK, Bristol Resort.Clifton Suspension Bridge, UK, Bristol Resort

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