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City cemetery in Essen, Germany

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The city cemetery is located in the southern part of Essen in the Bredenai district. It was here that the representatives of the noble Krupp family were buried.

In 1902, the office of the burgomaster of the Bredeni district was located here. Seven years later, the city cemetery was opened here.

The graves of members of the Krupp family, now located in the cemetery at a distance from other graves, were originally located in the Kruppschen cemetery, next to the Kettwiger gate, destroyed at the end of the 19th century. Subsequently, the cemetery was closed and joined to the cemetery in the Bredenai district. In 1955, a monumental mausoleum was erected at the cemetery, where the graves of members of the Krupp clan were transferred in 1957.

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Topic: City cemetery in Essen, Germany.City cemetery in Essen, Germany

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