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St Paul's Cathedral in the UK, London resort

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At the highest point in London in Ludgate Hill is a magnificent Anglican St Paul's Cathedral. Temple is a famous landmark and also the seat of the Bishop of London.

The Cathedral has a rich history filled with events. His repeatedly destroyed, but each time a new one appeared in the same place, an even stronger church building. The first version of the cathedral appeared here in 604 year, but it was destroyed by fire. The new building of the temple was destroyed by the Vikings, the third and the fourth modification of the church was again destroyed by fire.

After another fire, the cathedral was no longer subject to restoration, but nevertheless it was decided to rebuild it. This task was addressed architect Christopher Wren, who was not only required to build the most major Anglican temple in Europe, but also make it a worthy contender of the Catholic Cathedral of St. Peter in Italy. In the course of work, Ren had 3 times redo the project, as the authorities wanted more luxury and grandeur.

The Cathedral, as we know it today, opened its doors in early 18th century. For a long time, it was the highest architectural construction of the city - its height was equal to 111 meters. However, with the advent of high-rise buildings, it is not lost against their background, but gives the impression of majesty. This is largely achieved due to the special verified forms of the building, but a special role a dome plays here, which not only shaped the appearance of the cathedral, but also became a key London landmark.

It is believed that the dome of the temple has similar features to the dome Roman Cathedral of St. Peter. It also has a rather complex design, consisting of layers. Thanks to this, the dome was able to survive the bombing. World War II. The engineering features of this part of the structure are still impress impressionable architecture lovers, and the temple itself has long been in history of European art.

The space under the dome includes several premises: external stone and gold galleries, as well as an internal whispering gallery. The latter was so named because of its acoustic feature: the word, spoken at one end of the room is reflected from the walls and is perfectly heard on the opposite side of this gallery.

The bell towers of St. Paul's Cathedral consist of 17 bells. The most famous of them even have their own names: Big Tom and Big Paul. The large floor is really big, its weight is 16 tons.

Like any Protestant church, the cathedral has several ascetic interior. It is decorated in a Gothic and Renaissance style. Ancient mosaics can be found on the altar and domed parts of the building, in addition, there are stone carvings and figured forged lattices. A distinctive detail is the carved wooden benches of the 17th century, it is also impossible not pay attention to one of the best English organs installed in cathedral.

It should be noted that the temple became the last refuge for many most worthy residents of Great Britain. There are about two hundred burials, and the beginning of them was laid by the great architect himself - Christopher Wren. His grave indicated by an inscription in Latin that reads: “Reader, if you are in looking for a monument - then look around." Renu's company in the tomb was Admiral Nelson, Duke of Wellington, Sir Alexander Fleming, artists William Llewellyn, Henry Moore and other famous people.

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Topic: St Paul's Cathedral in the UK, London resort.St Paul's Cathedral in the UK, London resort

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