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St Margaret's Church in the UK, London resort

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One of the most attractive buildings in Westminster abbeys - Church of St. Margaret. The abbey needed it as a public place where it could come ordinary people who were not allowed into the choir of the monastery itself.

The church was erected by the Benedictines in the 12th century in honor of Margaret Antioch. In the 15-16 centuries, when the first Tudors came to power, it needed to be rebuilt. Since the 17th century, the Puritans insisted that the temple become parish for the British Parliament. In the 18th century, the building was exposed light limestone and reconstruction of one of the towers. In the 19th century, the church appeared porches and new interior elements.

The modern look of the Anglican Church of St. Margaret acquired in the 15-16 centuries. Until now, one of the priests of the temple has the status chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons, and in the southern part of the temple there is a bench made specially for the speaker.

The facade of the building facing Parliament Square, created in the late Gothic style with Renaissance features. Side portals can see bas-reliefs made by famous Italian masters. Upon entering temple, everyone will certainly pay attention to the ceiling, made in a special technique called stucco. The ceiling is decorated with artificial marble, this finish already more than four centuries. Subdued light enters the building through beautiful stained-glass windows, from which the faces of the kings - Catherine of Aragon and Henry, proudly gaze VIII. On the other side there is a stained glass window with Sir Walter depicted on it. Raleigh, he was privileged to be buried under the altar. These stained glass windows were made in 16th century and installed two centuries later.

It is also interesting to see the organ of the 17th century and memorable plaques in honor of famous parishioners. Thus, in one of the windows, an image the poet John Milton, who came to pray at this temple. Also, here memorial plaques were installed in honor of the creator of the first London printing house William Caxton and the famed preacher Bishop Phillips Brooks. what concerns well-known parishioners, it is worth noting that in the Church of St. the wedding of Samuel Pipe, Winston Churchill and many others representatives of the aristocracy.

In addition, at the western door of the temple you can see a memorial a plaque dedicated to those who donated their funds for the restoration attractions in the late 20th century. This charity list includes and popular singer Frank Sinatra.
Thanks to to its historical and cultural significance, the Church of Saint Margaret, as well as the rest of the buildings of Westminster Abbey are listed as World Heritage Sites. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: St Margaret's Church in the UK, London resort.St Margaret's Church in the UK, London resort

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