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Hempstead Heath in the UK, London resort

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In the north part of London there is a large park area Hempstead Heath with meadows, ponds and a forest oasis. The area of the park covers about three hundred hectares and is located near a hundred-meter sandy hill. According to the law in London, it is impossible to build structures that would be higher than this hill. The territory is bordered by the lands of Kenwood House and Parliament Hill.

The park is incredibly popular with the townspeople and all outdoor enthusiasts. There are men's, women's and children's swimming areas, outdoor pools, sports grounds, jogging paths, fitness equipment, tennis courts. Kites are being launched from Parliament Hill. An incredible view of the city opens up from here. From the hill you can see the London center, you can see skyscrapers, St. Paul's Cathedral and other architectural monuments.

The nature of Hempstead Heath is striking in its beauty and tranquility. The park has over 20 ponds, as well as several lakes, including a fishing pond and a lake with a boat station. Squirrels, kingfishers, bats and even parakeets are found in the forests and ponds of the park.

In the northern part of the territory you can find the 17th century Kenwood Villa, whose building is listed as a cultural heritage of Great Britain. The grounds of this estate are traditionally used for scientific purposes as oases of the UK's natural environment. The villa has its own greenhouse.

A famous place in the park is the Health Valley, which is a village surrounded by forest greenery. Health Valley is considered a very expensive place to live.

In addition, there is a burial mound in Hempstead Heath, in which, according to history, Queen Boudicca is buried, who was defeated at the Battle of the Bridge.

The picturesque views of the park have inspired many artists, writers and public figures. Hemstead Heath landscapes were painted by John Constable and John Gimshaw. The singing of local birds was the impetus for the creation of"Ode to the Nightingale" by the poet John Keats. Winter walks in the park helped Clive Staples Lewis write the book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe from the Chronicles of Narnia series. Wilkie Collins and Paul Christman wrote about Hempstead. The famous public figure and family man Karl Marx especially liked to visit these places.

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Topic: Hempstead Heath in the UK, London resort.Hempstead Heath in the UK, London resort

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