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Schonhauser Allee in Germany, Berlin resort

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Schonhauser Allee – one of the largest shopping streets in Berlin. It is located in the Prenzlauer Berg district.

Originally, the Schonhauser Allee was a wide driveway that led from Berlin to the Schonhausen Palace. This explains the origin of its name. However, it has changed several times: the Pankovskaya country road, the Schonshaus road, the Schonhaus tract, the highway from the Schonhaus gate, the highway to Pankow, the highway to Niederschenhausen. The modern name was fixed at the beginning of the 19th century.

The road, laid in the Middle Ages, stretched through the forest. It was cut down, freeing up the territory for agriculture. The road becomes especially important in 1691. The nearby Niederschenhausen estate was bought by King Frederick I for the Brandenburg general Joachim Ernst von Grumbkov. Linden trees were planted along the edges of the road to make it pleasant for dignitaries to ride on it.

In 1708, at the beginning of the Schonhauser Allee, at the Schonhaus Gate, the Royal Folwark was erected and the first buildings were built. Gradually, both sides of the street began to build up.

Along the Schonhauser Allee, one can find wonderful examples of architecture and sculptures from different eras. A striking example is the Gethsemane church, built in 1891-1893. designed by August Horta. In front of its western portal there is a sculpture   Christ, brought here from the Church of Reconciliation, demolished in 1985. The Church of Gethsemane was of great unifying importance in the peaceful revolution of 1989.

Not far away is the brick church of the Blessing, famous for its tall, slender bell tower. This church was built in 1905-1908.

Near Senefelderplatz, the metro station, there is a monument to Alois Senefelder, the inventor of lithography. It was made by Rudolph Pohl in white marble in 1892.

Above the railway line on the Schonhauser Allee bridge, there are works by Gunther Schutz describing the events of World War II. The explanation for these relief structures in four languages says: `` Passing, almost the memory of those who died, so that you can live. ''

Also on the Schonhauser Allee there are many companies, shops, consumer services, etc. In addition, there is the Colosseum multiplex cinema, built in 1894. In addition to ordinary films, educational film programs for schoolchildren are shown here. `` Arcade '', shopping center,   along with a variety of shops, services, cafes, offers free music programs and thematic exhibitions on the eve of the holidays. On the Schonhauser Alley itself, the Art Mile is often held when in the windows of shops, restaurants, etc. along the road are works by local and other artists.


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