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Old town in Finland, Porvoo resort

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The Old Town is a part of the Finnish city of Porvoo, which has remained practically unchanged since the Middle Ages. This is one of the most popular places in the city. Here you can see low wooden houses painted in bright colors, colorful courtyards with lush flower beds, winding cobbled streets. The past and the present blend seamlessly in Porvoo. This is the second of the oldest cities in Finland, and features from all eras are collected here.

The main part of today's Old Town was built up after the fire in 1760 according to the designs of the famous architect K. L. Engel. The symbol of this part of the city is the miniature but very picturesque houses decorated in the Empire style. According to the classic city development plan, they form even squares. Here is the home of the famous Swedish poet Johan Ludwig Runeberg, very popular with tourists.

On Christmas Eve, an amazing, magical atmosphere is created in the Old Town, but at any other time, a simple walk here becomes a very pleasant pastime and no less pleasant memory of a vacation in Porvoo.

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Topic: Old town in Finland, Porvoo resort.Old town in Finland, Porvoo resort

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